Using Psychotherapy to integrate parts of being

At Manah we adopt an eclectic approach in therapy bringing integration and harmony in all parts of “Self”. We believe that first step to change is acceptance.

Manah was founded in January 2021 by Nida Shaikh. She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Mahayana and Buddhist Psychology and Ethics from University of Pune. Manah is a space with therapists trained and experienced to work with clients as young as 3 years of age to as strong as 70+ years of age. Each therapist follows a different methodology in their approach which makes Manah truly a center with an eclectic perspective where we help you find a therapist of your match.It is currently run by a team consisting of 9 therapists, 2 front desk personnel and Vimal Tai who keeps the space clean and tidy. At Manah we offer unique methods of psychotherapy that are designed according to the uniqueness of each client working with us because we believe that every individual is unique with their own sets of needs. 

Manah holds multiple workshops/ support groups which focuses on various topics:

– Rorschach
– Counseling therapy and various techniques
– New mothers emotional regulation support group
– Depression support group

Manah introduced the Living with Metta project which provides free counseling to clients who can not afford the counseling sessions. These sessions are taken by psychology students who are supervised by Nida Shaikh herself. Budding psychologists who want to train themselves about the process of counseling can join this program and practice on  real life cases. Additionally, Manah also has training programs and seminars which help the new psychologists to gain the actual experience the need to deal with the clients of different background and need