Individual Therapy (Child & Adult)

Our therapists are trained to work with complex psychological challenges with children as young as 5 all the way up to 60. Our therapists working with children come with a vast experience of working with different psychological challenges like dysfunction in families, parents going through a divorce, adjustment to change, bullying, depression, anxiety and risk of addiction faced by children, adolescents and teenagers. In Adult Individual therapy, the therapist works with the client on a one-to-one basis regularly once a week and tries to identify habits and patterns that seem to hinder functionality and progress for the individual at present. This identification is done with the help of a variety of approaches that seem to best fit with the client owing to their uniqueness.

Family Therapy

Manah offers Family Therapy as a process that helps to improve verbal and non-verbal communication among family members with an aim to resolve conflicts and foster harmonious interactions among family members.

Couples Therapy

At Manah, we suggest couples therapy for couples who are facing struggles in their relationship, couples entering a marriage as well as for those contemplating or going through the process of separation.

To live together and to live apart are some major decisions in life that greatly affect the two involved individuals and such decisions can be made assuring when the two individuals try to understand their individual selves and themselves as a couple through the process of therapy.

Group Therapy

Manah offers group therapy sessions for psychological challenges like depression, anxiety, stress and anger management, addictions, postpartum depression and PTSD.

Psychological testing

At Manah, we offer psychological testing more as an assistance to the process of therapy rather than simply a diagnostic tool. We truly believe that diagnosis are temporary as every human-being possesses the potential to change life for the better and is not tied down to a label.