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What to Expect in Therapy?

Starting therapy can be a daunting experience for both ‘first timers’ and for those who have tried it before. Knowing what to expect can help to reduce the fear around starting the process. At Manah Center for Mental Well Being, we usually start with a consult call facilitated by our front desk representative who compassionately tries to understand your struggles. The front desk representative will then help you choose a therapist from the team that will best fit your need.

Once you choose your therapist, you will be asked to fill out a short consent to therapy form and your assigned therapist will soon get in touch with you. Your therapist and you can then decide on a time and day to meet weekly that suits both the best. This weekly meeting (or session as we like to say) can be either in person or online. 

The first session your therapist is expected to understand what is the reason for you to seek therapy and what is the outcome you want to reach through it. 

Since at Manah, we follow a trauma informed eclectic approach, your therapist will then use the next few sessions to walk down memory lane with you starting from the earliest memory of your life slowly coming to the present year. The idea of looking at your entire life lies with the motive of recognizing unresolved trauma and neglected emotions that gave rise to a set pattern of functioning for you and identifying how it may or may not be interfering with your present life. 

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Your therapist will create a safe, judgement free space for you to feel all your feelings and accept yourself completely by helping you develop insight, identify patterns and habits that don’t serve your purpose anymore and set goals for yourself. Once you start noticing progress in yourself, the session frequency is reduced to once in two weeks, then once a month and so on. The idea is to make you independent of your therapist and enjoy watching yourself be in absolute control of your life while at the same time be okay with going with the flow 

Interesting paradox isn't it?